Design Thinking Conclave shares insights on Application of Tools and Best Practices for Applying Design Thinking Principles to Organisations.


  If you are creating products & services without a design process that produces innovative solutions

  If you operate in a world of products and services where best in class is a must

  If you want to hear from design professionals wired with design thinking

  If you have heard colleagues and clients refer to "design thinking" and want to learn about it with the hopes of implementing it into your business

  If you are looking for real world methods for delivering break through content

  A wealth of in depth information that examines design thinking from a number of perspectives.

  Experiential consumer empowerment to deliver brand empathy and build ethical resilience.

  Creating a framework that’s best fit for your business scaled up process for design thinking.


Keynote :

How does next generation design-led business look like ?

Leadership Insights:

Framework for effective Institutionalizing of Design Thinking

Thought Leadership:

Mindset in design thinking

Case Study 1:

The Pi project: Using design thinking to re-imagine consumer experience

Case Study 2:

How L&D team has used design thinking principles to create a Learning Program

Case Study 3:

Digical S trategy (Physical + Digital) For an Era of Experience Darwinism

Case Study 4:

Intersection of Design Thinking and Business